PCI Compliance Solutions

Rest Easy Knowing You're Meeting PCI Data Security Requirements

Are you a merchant, service provider or processor that handles or processes payment cards? If you are, you know you need to have PCI compliance solutions in place in order to ensure the security of your customers' data. Naturally, paying non-compliance penalties would hurt your business. CenturyLink offers the following PCI compliance services and solutions that can help you secure your customer payment card data, achieve PCI compliance, and avoid those pesky penalties.

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    Protecting Customer Data: An Essential Part of Doing Business

    It's not just retailers who need to be aware of the risks around credit card data. Anyone who transmits, processes or stores payment card data is at risk-from stores and restaurants to doctor's offices and auto repair shops. Learn what's required to prevent breaches.

    Protecting Payment Card Data

    Businesses managing payment card data face tremendous security challenges. The cost of a security breach can be devastating in terms of lost revenue, legal costs and damaged reputation. In fact, the payment card brands may even stop a business from processing credit card and debit card payments from customers.

    Volatile Market Conditions Call for New Tech Strategies

    Financial services firms explore new network technologies and partnerships to address governance, risk and compliance, improve customer service and increase revenue.

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    PCI Compliance Solutions

    Every business that processes or stores credit card information is required to meet the compliance requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council. CenturyLink PCI Audit Services provide a clear roadmap toward and a level of assurance after PCI compliance.